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Agile for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategist my stakeholders are every single person in an organisation. I work with leaders, teams, individual contributors who complete the organisation. Each individual and team have their own area to address when in come to inclusion, and then there is the organisations vision and goal when it comes to inclusion. It is important to define what diversity means to the organisation and from there the journey is to how inclusion in achieved. Equity must be a way to achieve the inclusion we desire for. Read More...

Diversity Hire - Diversity Candidate?

TL;DR: An Individual isn’t diverse, group of individuals are.

While Diversity Candidate in the job description sends across the message to the various underrepresented talent pool, it is a lazy way of describing the culture of the company which values diversity in its workforce and diversity of thoughts. It also has the risk of isolating the employees in the workplace. It has the risk of the dominant group assume that the person was hired because of their ‘diversity’ label and not for their skill. Read more

Why Organisations Should Practice What They Preach During Pride Month

It’s Pride month*, and the rainbow display pictures are out. There is a lot of conversation around different issues the LGBTQIA+ communities in India face, including access to education and employment. We spoke to Moulee, a Diversity and Inclusion strategist, and co-founder of Queer Chennai Chronicles, on how organisations can be more inclusive in general, and especially when it comes to LGBTQIA+ persons. Excerpts below. Read more...

Employee well-being and belonging during the times of self-quarantine and isolation

There are reports of increase in domestic violence during mandatory lockdown across regions. The fear of being isolated with their abusive partners and families, and the inability to access their support groups and resources are high. For LGBTQIA+ persons the quarantining also means being locked in a dysphoric household. As employers when employees are asked to work from home for the society’s wellbeing it is also important to focus on their safety and mental health. Read more...

Not gay enough

I once used to joke that for me everyone is queer unless they come out as cis or straight. Deep down I always meant it. This isn’t to disregard the identity of the dominant cis and heterosexual persons but rather it comes from a place where I am taking a stand against the stereotypes to ‘identify’ queer persons. This is also to highlight the constant pressure and anxiety persons from the LGBTQIA+ community go through to come out or being identified or ousted. Read more...

Responsible branding is part of inclusion

What exactly does it mean when organisations announces that they have extended adoption leave to same-sex/gender partners? To my knowledge it could either mean that a single person who has adopted a child can avail the adoption leave benefit. Or it could also mean that a person can avail the benefit if their same-sex/gender partner adopts a child. Read more...

Are you an LGBTQ friendly workplace?

Workplaces in India that claim to be LGBTQ friendly should not actively ask employees to come out or measure their success based on how many comes out in their office. For one the employer must realise that the employee is not going to be with them for ever. And it is common for many to move jobs for career growth and financial growth. LGBTQ friendliness is one aspect and you cannot offer LGBTQ friendly and ask the employee to compromise on other aspects of the career. Read more...

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